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arrow March 2011

Either you write something worth reading or you do something worth writing!

Date: 21 February 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE Editorial Benjamin Franklin once said; "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing" Please welcome our first e‐newsletter! An official publication by Malaysian Psychiatric Association (MPA). It comes with the intention to serve as a vehicle of communication on topics of our shared interest - psychiatry & mental health. We hope that this e‐newsletter will be an effective instrument to inform, educate and encourage. Its roles will depend on who is writing, on what and to whom. We hope this e‐newsletter will be a medium where we can interact, record and archive. Let's put forward our ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or write up on our activities and stories. The words you write will become fixed and can remain preserved for a very long time. Your writing may inspire somebody sometime. Your ideas may click on something somewhere. History is always in the making when we write! We in the editorial board believe that more than just a "traditional" newsletter publication, the e‐newsletter is a very powerful communication tool. It is very cost‐effective, faster to produce and easier to distribute, hence very practical and will likely be sustainable. No need to mention that it is trendy and technology savvy! These e‐newsletters will drive traffic to MPA's website via the hyperlinks, thus making our website more "alive". It will direct the readers to important messages and information. The articles written will reach a larger audience as Google can easily capture keywords and text from our e‐newletters and the web pages. We are excited to the fact that it will also help us to get "indirect feedback directly" from our readers! The e‐newsletter features the ability to do tracking on people's responses to our information. The e‐newsletters will track each time people open them and even monitor if they click on the links to the full articles. I am sure you have something to write that is worth reading. I am more than sure you have been doing something worth writing. Let's celebrate our e‐newletters by sending your write‐up to us! We are looking forward on what you want to share with everybody! Best regards, Umi Adzlin Silim Editor‐in‐chief

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