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arrow Health: Overstressed, under-appreciated

WOMEN in Malaysia wear too many hats. Period. Unlike women in other countries, they multi-task big time, says Dr Paul Jambunathan, clinical psychologist and lecturer at Monash University, Sunway campus. And wearing too many hats leaves them open to the big S - stress.
»

arrow Recognising personality disorder

Of sociopaths and psychopaths that affect our mental and physical well-being. TODAY, there are still many fanciful “secret societies” not dedicated to the betterment of mankind, and they’re growing in membership.
»

arrow What’s Stopping You From Seeing a Doctor About Depression?

Are you struggling with depression? Are you getting treatment for it? If not, you’re not alone. About two-thirds of people with major depression never seek appropriate treatment, and the consequences can be devastating: personal suffering, missed work, broken marriages, health problems and, in the worst cases, death.
»

arrow Bright Light Eases Depression in Elderly People

Jan. 3, 2011 -- Exposure to bright light may ease symptoms of depression in elderly people. A new study shows that three weeks of bright light therapy using specially designed light boxes improved symptoms of depression by as much as 54% in older adults with depression.
»

arrow ‘Depression Gene’ Linked to Response to Stress

Jan. 4, 2011 -- An analysis of 54 studies suggests that there really is a depression gene that can affect how people respond to stressful life events. The new study, which appears in the Jan. 3 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, should help resolve controversy regarding the role of this gene.
»

arrow The Importance Of Timing In Ensuring Healthy Brain Development

Work just published shows that brain cells need to create links early on in their existence, when they are physically close together, to ensure successful connections across the brain throughout life.
»

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