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arrow Lost world

INEVITABLE is the progressive deterioration in the health of an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patient as the years pass by. The emotional and physical toll on both the afflicted person and their family caregivers are tremendous, especially when the patients do not recognise their nearest and dearest anymore - a condition referred to as agnosia.
»

arrow Fading memories

DEALING with losses is an everyday affair in my life as sole caregiver to my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1998 at age 66. In the early days when mum lost her cooking skills, I removed her wok and gas stove from the kitchen.
»

arrow NIH Suspends Grant to Emory University

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has suspended a $9 million grant for a depression study led by a psychiatrist at Emory University in Atlanta. The punishment, imposed in August but only made public today, is apparently the most severe reaction by NIH so far to a Senate investigation of NIH-funded researchers who may have failed to report all of their income from drug companies.
»

arrow Why Schizophrenics Smoke

When it comes to cigarettes, schizophrenics just can't seem to get enough. They're two to three times more likely to smoke than the general population, and patients have been known to puff through up to four packs a day.
»

arrow Old and depressed

COMPARED to 50 years ago, there are now many more people over the age of 65, and even more are becoming centenarians. Currently in Malaysia, the life span for females is about 75 and for males 72. It is expected that there will be a doubling of those over 65 in the next 30 years in the US [1].
»

arrow Komunikasi Ringankan Kemurungan

Baik wanita sudah berumah tangga, bujang, remaja mahupun kanak-kanak tidak terlepas daripada menanggung masalah yang akhirnya boleh menyebabkan kemurungan. Sekiranya tidak diatasi dengan baik, boleh memberi kesan buruk kepada diri, orang sekeliling dan masa depan mereka.
»

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