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arrow Living with bulimia

Eating disorders stem from the desire for the ideal body shape, but are rooted in issues such as self-acceptance and confidence. Jenny has long learnt to ignore her hunger pangs. She is so used to starving herself that she gets uneasy when her stomach is full.
»

arrow Eating trends

Part-time lecturer Farina Abdul Jabar believes that good food is a gift from God, but also believes in proper consumption and eating in moderation. This doesn’t mean she has limited herself to celery sticks and plain water – she still eats whatever she wants, but is careful not to go overboard with regards to quantity.

»

arrow Seeking help

Family members are key in helping eating disorder patients get treatment and go through recovery processes.The causes of eating disorders are not fully known but they are thought to involve a combination of psychological, interpersonal, social and genetic factors.
»

arrow MENTAL HEALTH: Let it not be a stigma any longer

MENTAL illness is a subject very few wish to talk about but it is a reality which we have to grapple with. Cases of suicide and people running amok reported in the media from time to time are of concern to us and are tragic reminders of another side of life less talked about but nevertheless very real.
»

arrow Remaja dan kesihatan mental

Kesihatan mental adalah keadaan sejahtera, sempurna pemikiran, emosi dan tingkah laku di mana individu itu dapat berfungsi melakukan kerja sehingga mencapai matlamat. Kesihatan mental dan spiritual amat penting dalam memperkasakan remaja ke arah pengamalan tingkah laku yang sihat.
»

arrow Promote mental health

Amok and suicide cases reported in the media from time to time involving mentally sick persons are tragic reminders of another side of life less talked about but is still very real.
»

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